Contract and Financial Management
A Public and Non Profit Specialist Consultancy

We offer leadership and support with Comparative Analysis, Business Intelligence, Statistical Modelling & Analysis, Data Modelling and Simulation, Financial Modelling

Public Sector Financial Modelling

Public Sector Contracts Management

We can assist you with providing contract management expertise in a number of ways.

Our experienced experts are capable of conducting monthly contract monitoring and management through analysis of activity and performance data. Ensuring that contacts reflect activity, funding and contract terms, adhering to performance targets and quality indicators (national and local).

This is conducted as an ongoing requirement through communication with supplier’s representatives, regular chairing/ attendance at contract meetings and formal methods such as Performance queries and letters.

Our consultants are as fully up to speed with business as usual as they are with annual negotiation and documentation. They can efficiently negotiate new terms and conditions, obtain consensus and deliver this change, light touch or roll over update for the new contracting year, effectively though new documentation.

Our knowledgeable staff utilise their skilful abilities to keep the client current (to the extent required) on their portfolio and other responsibilities, noting any variables outside of regular reporting.

Likewise, their proficiency in customer relationships establishes an excellent level of engagement with organisational colleagues and other relevant stakeholders.

Statistical Modelling & Analysis

Our team is experienced in performing robust statistical analysis of activity, clinical outcome and financial data.

Forecasting activity:

Through the development of forecasting models we can help you to predict future activity and demand for your healthcare services. This analysis can then be used to assist with workforce planning to ensure that the right number of staff are available to meet future demands.

Patient Outcome Models:

We can create statistical models to assist with predicting patient outcomes and achievement of performance metrics.

Patient Access Models:

We use a variety of Machine Learning methods to understand the key factors for patients’ choices in where they access acute care services.

Business Intelligence

Our experts will effectively convey key messages to different audiences to ensure health and care data is used to maximum effect. We are skilled in the creation of visually appealing and user-friendly methods for the visualisation and interrogation of complex information.


Data visualisation:

Production of maps showing geographic variation in health and population outcomes, infographics using appropriate software, complex visualisations using R.


Interactive tools:

Production of dashboards and visualisations in Power BI and Tableau.

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