Customs Intermediary Service
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Customs Intermediary, Advisory and Declaration Services

When the Brexit Transition Period ended on 1st January 2021 a new customs border was created between the UK and the EU.

Critically, to move goods across the new UK-EU border, a customs declaration for your imports or exports will have to be submitted to HM Revenue & Customs. 

Smart Consult will manage all of this complexity for you. We will help you get ready for these changes, understand exactly what you need to do to navigate the new border, and cope with the wider challenges of moving goods in a post Brexit environment.

Our Customs Intermediary Services:

The customs declaration process can seem daunting to an organisation new to it and the risks of getting it wrong are high. It can be a bewildering world of licencing, coding, tariffs and VAT. Our team of experts will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you have experience of global trade you’ll probably already have a customs intermediary. We can help you minimise the risk of disruption throughout your supply chain and wider ecosystem. We can work in partnership with you to transform your supply chain and logistics functions and make sure your whole delivery system is optimised for the new UK-EU border.

Our Customs Intermediary Service consists of two services. A Customs Declaration Service designed to meet your declarations needs, imports and exports, supported by our Customs Advisory Service, a team of experts ready to help with complex enablement, classification or tax queries.

Customs Advisory Service:

Our team of Customs & Excise subject matter experts is available to support complex declaration and tax requirements. We can help with:

  • EORI application
  • Duty Deferment Account set up
  • Use of our Duty Deferment Account
  • Customs comprehensive guarantee
  • Initial classification & ongoing support
  • Post declaration advance analytics
  • Tariff and VAT support
  • Advanced declaration analytics

Customs Declaration Service:

Processing import and export declarations to keep goods moving across the world.

Our Customs Declarations are competitively priced and our services include:

  • Declaration readiness assessment
  • Readiness support line
  • Import declarations
  • Export declarations
  • Baseline analytics

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