Data Collection
Public and Non Profit Oriented Research

Specialist Health and Social Policy, User Experience, Research & Analytics Consultancy

Desk Research

Literature Review

We will confirm the most appropriate review to conduct a comprehensive summary of previous research on a topic. Our review will describe, summarise, classify and evaluate

Case Study

We analysis specific issues situations, environments or organisations from either an explanatory, descriptive, or exploratory stance

Evaluation Reports

We will review your specification, project, programme, etc either as a desk top review or employing other research methods to ascertain efficacy, viability, or value for money


Online Survey

An online portal, accessible to participants on a range of devices through a generic or dedicated web link. Easy to follow and responsive.

Telephone Survey

We utilise CATI (Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing) software to provide a personal element to the questionnaire through interviewers engaging directly with participants

Paper Survey

A printed questionnaire will be posted to the sample group. with an enclosed return envelope. Completed surveys will be scanned


Telephone Interview

An experienced interviewer will use the CATI (Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing) software to ask more detailed questions of participants

Video Interview

Using web based software, interviews can be conducted by video conference with minimal set up for participants

Face to Face Interview

An interviewer will meet with participants at a mutually convenient venue. Answers to interview questions will be recorded in real time.

Group Discussion

Face to Face Focus Group

Our expert facilitators will engage the small group to discuss the required subject matter. Audio and/or video recording is utilised to assist in transcribing the group's views

Video Focus Group

Our expert moderators will facilitate the small group to ensure full participation with the discussion point. Automatic recording and transcription will provide insight into opinions raised


Dependent on the requirements, we will use Observation as a data collection method in either a structured or unstructured way

Mixed Methodology

The use of multi mode or mixed methods - a combination of one or more of the services above - will allow a more customised design to a client's project  Smart Consult is skilled in combining qualitative and quantitative research approaches. We utilise innovative techniques alongside classic methods tailored to suit our client's needs.

we are driven

We are passionate about working with organisations that want to articulate a vision or brief

we are motivated

Our client centred approach  motivates us to see your project actualised

we are creative

We are creative and innovative about how we will accomplish this.

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