Our Sectors
Public and Non Profit Oriented Research

We Have Extensive Experience of Service Provision in Multiple Public and Private Industry Sectors:

Central & Local Government

We work with a range of Central and Local Government departments on a wide variety of studies either on our own or in partnership with academics.

We conduct local, regional and national consultation and engagement studies with residents,  community and organisational stakeholders to help drive the improvement of local services.

Non Profit & Voluntary

We work with a range of Non Profit and Voluntary Sector organisations to help them better understand their client’s views.

Our research services enable you to: 

  • Measure and improve client satisfaction
  • Engage vulnerable or harder to reach  groups
  • Develop new products and services
  • Evaluate the impact of communication campaigns

Non Departmental Public Bodies

We offer a full range of research services to Non Departmental Public Bodies including:

  • Large-scale Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
  • Satisfaction measurement over time
  • Research with vulnerable audiences, including elderly and disabled people in a range of tenures
  • Bespoke online reporting platform with real-time feedback

Social Care

We enable Public and Non Profit Sector  social care providers to improve community services using a range of techniques.

Our health and social care research services allow you to:

  • Test views towards proposed new models of care
  • Understand perceptions of care provision to increase awareness and take up
  • Engage vulnerable or difficult to reach client groups
  • Assess the impact of new services

Health & Wellbeing

We provide independent insight to all organisational levels from The Department of Health and Social Care to independent GP Practices.

Our key areas in this sector are:

  • Policy Evaluations
  • Patient Experience Services
  • Programme Evaluations
  • Stakeholder Surveys

Our tailored research solutions enable us to provide insight from a wide range of stakeholders including marginalised and hard to reach clients

Learning & Skills

We engage learners, non-learners, teachers, providers and the full range of stakeholders involved or impacted by education. This enables us to to shape and improve education provision.

Our education research services allow you to:

  • Shape education policy and strategy to better engage learners
  • Develop products and services that help to raise education attainment
  • Understand perceptions and satisfaction of education provision to drive improvement
  • Evaluate the impact of education programmes on learners