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Enhanced Insight
We help you understand how clients, the public and stakeholders are likely to respond to certain scenarios
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Let us evaluate the impact of your campaigns, policies and programmes
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Data Collection
From Personal Interviews to International Consultations, and everything in between
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Managed Resources
Our consulting teams bring industry-leading expertise to provide tangible benefits to Public and Non Profit Sector organisations
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Smart Consult is a specialist agency with a focus on the UK public, private and non-profit sectors. We use our experience, insight, and evaluation techniques to assist and improve public and non-profit services.


We provide high quality, expert research, evaluation and project management services to enable our clients deliver change, develop capability and address operational issues.


We challenge traditional research methods, delivering flexible, tailored expertise at the right level and right pace for fast-turnaround projects and specialising in hard-to-reach stakeholders.

Our Services

Research and Insight

We provide expert research management services in all methodologies across the Public and Non Profit Sectors


Let us evaluate the impact of your campaigns, policies and programmes to provide tangible evidence, thereby establishing the credibility of your work in an organised manner 

Data Collection

We offer international quantitative and qualitative data collection and fieldwork services to Public and Non Profit Organisations

Managed Resourcing

We offer mobile, flexible and skilled resources to undertake project delivery activities across a range of capabilities across the Public and Non Profit Sectors


We provide quick, cost-effective and representative survey results from hard-to-reach audiences across the UK.


Communications Development

We provide full Communications Development & Testing, including audience engagement – before and after a campaign enabling us to track effectiveness over time 

Primary Care

We work with clinicians, service users, and other stakeholders to ensure the development of a sustainable and vibrant primary care service offer to meet the needs of the local population.

Contracts and Finance

We provide complete end to end Contract and Finance Management Services from Contract Modelling and Costing to Performance Monitoring and Re-negotiations; and everything in-between.

Our Key Sectors

Central & Local Government

Non Profit & Voluntary

Non Departmental Public Bodies

Social Care

Health & Wellbeing

Learning & Skills

Recent Insights

Cyber Security

Now that our new normal is more established, Smart Consult recommends that organisations review their Cyber Security to ensure that it suitable for home working during Covid-19

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Working From Home

Working from home is now the new normal for many people not just in the UK but throughout the world due to the Coronavirus. Until recently working from home was seen as a perk or only suitable for certain roles. This pandemic has shown that alternative methods can be achieved with the use of technology and preparation, as long as employers and employees are practical and sensitive to the situation

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Introduction to evaluation

Introduction to Evaluations

Knowing what works and what does not is key to success and understanding processes. Reviewing an ongoing activity, intervention, programme or policy through a structured evaluation will provide insights and evidence whether objectives have been achieved.

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Project Solutions

Smart Consult acts as an intermediary to help deliver packages of Research Projects.

We work with a number of Research Agencies and Consulting Practices, ranging from smaller but reputable businesses, through to some of the world’s most prestigious research consultancies. Our model is simple; we identify the scope of work and then liaise with our design network to generate fee proposals. Once collated, we submit to our client for review. This model offers a diverse range of services, price ranges and an ultra-fast response time. Smart Consult will even manage the entire process.

Key benefits include:

  • Clients minimise risk by sub-contracting all or part of their Fieldwork, Analysis and Reporting Functions
  • Set timescales enable our clients to manage project delivery as a whole package of work, on time and to budget
  • Allows clients’ to deliver projects without increasing headcount, saving time and money on recruitment
  • Full utilisation of existing team allows clients to pick up additional projects, further increasing capability and profitability


Our structure allows for a varied project portfolio in terms of: sector, scope, size, and the value of the research project undertaken.

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