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Cyber Security

Now that our new normal is more established, Smart Consult recommends that organisations review their Cyber Security to ensure that it suitable for home working during Covid-19

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Working From Home

Working from home is now the new normal for many people not just in the UK but throughout the world due to the Coronavirus. Until recently working from home was seen as a perk or only suitable for certain roles. This pandemic has shown that alternative methods can be achieved with the use of technology and preparation, as long as employers and employees are practical and sensitive to the situation

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Introduction to evaluation

Introduction to Evaluations

Knowing what works and what does not is key to success and understanding processes. Reviewing an ongoing activity, intervention, programme or policy through a structured evaluation will provide insights and evidence whether objectives have been achieved.

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survey types - engagement

Survey Types

Our previous posts have discussed surveys in general and how to implement them. This article will highlight a few of the instances when they are beneficial to an organisation: Staff engagement, Stakeholders Perception and National Consultations.

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Sample Group - blog post cover

Sample Group

An essential component of surveys is the population being profiled and determining the correct proportion of individuals required to represent this target population – sample group. In other words, how much data is required to obtain reliable insights and therefore make accurate decisions upon the survey results.

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Survey Delivery Method - Planning

Survey Delivery Methods

Surveys can be administered (delivered) in a variety of ways, including face-to-face, by phone, online and via hardcopy (paper). Organisations should as part of their research consider their sample group (individuals identified to participate in the survey) to determine the optimal method or methods which would encourage the greatest response

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surveys an introduction


Surveys are a useful tool that can assist an organisation in ascertaining up to date information and/or finding out the opinions of their customers, stakeholders or employees on a range of issues and products.

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brinkerhoff model

Brinkerhoff Model

The Brinkerhoff Model is one of many learning evaluation methods. Read on to find out how to apply this methodology to identify success or failure in a training programme

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